August 25, 2010

Updated list of what is for sale: (8/25)

Silver Leghorns

These I purchased from McMurray Hatchery... not sure why they have grey legs!!! I am betting the flock owner was working on improving color, and is in the process of using some other breed to bring in desirable traits. AT ANY RATE... these are not show quality Silver Leghorns!!! In fact, I think they act like a cross between the leghorn and Silver Phoenix!!?????
But, color and type aside, they are very quiet and curious, not easily spooked. They do not appear to want to be pets, but they are gentle. Overall, their body size will be larger than the Phoenix, and with much of the Leghorn look. I am keeping about half, to see what they do this winter... they should lay like a whiz in the winter.. as both the Leghorn and Phoenix were great layers for me last winter.
I have (10) pullets and if you buy all 10, you may take your pick of rooster from the 8 males.

The Black Without A Name pullets are GREAT!!! Even though they aren't part of my plans for breeding/mating next spring, I am keeping one of these Black SexLink cross with a grey rooster.
Read about these here. Very worth reading.
There are (4) of these pullets.

Austra White/California White.... second generation.

These have been very nice... and I am changing my plans a bit. I HAD planned to order first generation cross chicks again in 2011... but I think these 2nd generation pullets are so nice, I am going to try a third generation! :) I have 4 month old Austra White 2nd generation pullets that have begun to lay like crazy!
I have (2) 3-3 1/2 month old pullets, and (7 to 8) 2 month old young pullets... several are barred, which would be one side of the California White cross.

My 'handed down' speckled hens
You can read about these here. I am keeping several of these along with the grey pullets. My year, and 2-year, old speckled hens were my best setters and mamas... plus layed very well as soon as warm weather settled this past spring!
I just found that there are at least three farmsteads in the surrounding two counties that have descendents from 'Mom's chickens'... a testament to their value!!!
These are 2 1/2 to 3 month old pullets; I have (2) extra for sale.

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