July 29, 2010

Anyone want to buy a nice hen with no name????

In all the hatching and experiementing with incubation... and seperating my roosters, marking eggs, pedigree hatching cages, banding baby chicks, etc... I had lots of fun with 'known parentage' chicks.
BUT, there were also a few eggs from other hens, especially the neighbor's hens.  I had given her one of my 'handed-down' grey roosters last fall, and since 2/3rds of her flock were hens from my 'handed down' speckled hens.... I bought some eggs from her, hoping to get a grey rooster from one of her older hens of my 'old breed'.  I did.
BUT, I also hatched some chicks from the remaining 1/3 of her flock which were Black Star hens.  I don't want to keep them for breeding next year, but these Grey/BlackStar cross pullets seem so nice and gentle.
No, you can't have this one, I promised it to the neighbor, thinking she would love to have such a pet!!!
But this hen, and one rooster from the same hatch, are so gentle!!  I didn't give them any different attention than the rest,  (I have so many chicks, I don't have time to spend in any one coop!)... but, they just naturally hopped up on my foot, or knee and just love to be 'scratched' on the breast!  You would think it would feel funny/awful to have your feathers pulled forward and rubbed around, but they seem to love it!! 

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