July 29, 2010

California White -- 2nd generation hatching -- Summer 2010

The second hatchery order of  'Austra White' was actually California Whites, as I did some internet research and after the first incubator came off!  I had 1/4 barred chicks that looked exactly like one of the parents of the California White, body shape, size and coloring.
I enjoyed the California Whites... they probably layed one more day per week than the Austra White, and their eggs were round and pure white, while the Austra White had tinted, oval eggs.  Two CW hens ended up being such pets they just seemed to deserve names!!!
They are beginning to molt the first of any of the rest, however... and the AW pullets began to lay several weeks before the CW pullets.
Here is a California White 2nd generation pullet:

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