October 9, 2015

Birds For Sale!

Here are a few singer canaries in my birdroom:

Bronze and clear Red males:

Yellow variegated American Singer cross:

Dark variegated American Singer:

Grey American Singer cross:

The next two are smaller and less intensely colored, but they have unique personalities!
Their families are wonderfully friendly and lively!

Yellow variegated:

Red variegated: 

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(four o six) three five three - two four six eight

August 13, 2015

Canary are Ready for Sale!

I am sorting and observing my young canaries.... and am making lists of the ones I want
 for next year's breeding plans, and which ones are for sale!

fun and fancy flowers @ g mail dot com

(four o six) three five three - two four six eight

July 3, 2015

Visit Canary One Aviary!

I had a request to add this to my blog!
Here is a video tour of a canary breeder in Billings, MT.
If interested, his contact info is listed at the end of the video.

June 5, 2015

Required Reading For Canary Lovers

Canary SALE in June!

Reduced prices for young canaries for month of June only!

I had a wonderful spring in the birdroom!
The flights are full of young canaries!
They are aged 1-4 months of age.... and I cannot guarantee male or female.
But I am observing them for early 'warbling' and other behavior.

And, not everything in my birdroom is for sale now.
I have four flights that are babies from parents I just purchased last fall... and I want to observe them for a few months.

But, there are 25-30 for sale now, and the price is cheaper before I know which are males.  :)
If you want a male, for sure, I will have them for sale October through December, priced accordingly.

I HAVE NOT SORTED/SEXED these. I am forming ideas/opinions of which are acting like males, and I will be honest with you about those! :)
There are also several 'lines' that have exceptionally tame/friendly birds, I can point those out to you.

For the month of June, I have for sale: SOLD

Red factor self (dark) and variegated: $45
Yellow self ('green'), variegated, and clear (no dark markings): $45
White variegated (yellow colorbred x American Singer): $50 (1)

Beginning in July and continuing into fall, I'll have another 20-30 for sale:SOLD

> Red factor and yellow colorbred:
symmetrical variegation, intensive, clear, and self $65 unsexed ~ $85 male/no guarantee
> American Singer:
yellow clear and variegated $75 unsexed ~ $95 male/no guarantee
> Yellow colorbred x American Singer:
yellow clear and variegated, white variegated (limited) $75 unsexed ~ $95 male/no guarantee

Fall into Winter:
Guaranteed male singers: $125 ~ AS and ASX $150
Hens: $100 ~ AS and ASX $125

February 7, 2015

February Blossoms!

Just had to share the BEAUTY that sits at my elbow while I am on the computer!
Most of these are plants I ordered from Violet Barn last October,
and they are still in the little pot they sent them in!!!!
These are a few young plantlets just coming into their first bloom!
I have about 200 of these - in 121 varieties!  Yikes
I AM trying to 'limit my collection'!