January 9, 2013

Experiment # 1b (small pots) -- Soil versus Soil-less JAN UPDATE

Updating Experiment # 1a and #1b -- Soil versus Soil-less :

#1b three Ness' Cranberry Lace plants in small pots 12/6/2012:
Top Left:  Miracle Gro AV soil
Middle Right: 100% garden loam in clay pot
Bottom: my mix
Comments:The two larger pots with Amethyst plants have been 'exiled' to the windowsill, and they are leggy and not 'improved'. I am finding it hard to keep the clay pot watered, although even when the loam 'dirt' is dry, the plant does not wilt. I have had the plant in my mix and the plastic pot wilt slightly before I noticed they needed watering. They should have better care to 'make them beautiful', but this is the 'hard test' of neglect! :)

The smaller pots have been on the light stand, on the experiments shelf, and have been much more cared-for, pampered even.

#1 b three Ness' Cranberry Lace plants 1/9/2013:
Left: Miracle Gro AV soil
Middle  my mix
Right: garden loam in clay pot
I have been surprised that the Miracle Gro AV
soil mix has not done better, considering the hype it has gotten, and the so-so number of people who use it and love it.
The pot with 100% dirt had done very well, considering it seems to always need watering.
When I do add water to these three pots, my mix takes up a slightly larger amount of water, but the top growth is slightly larger, so I guess that could be explained.  
The two pots on the right were nearly identical when I began this experiment,  MAYBE the root system of the middle plant was slightly, very slightly larger.  This may account for the faster growth, or is it the 'acclaimed BEST' AV mix formula???
Time will tell.
The goal for this experiment was to see which potting mix was conductive to better/faster/nicer growth.  These three plants have received attention and proper care, and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues during the next month!

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