January 9, 2013

Experiment # 2 -- Watering Methods JAN UPDATE

Updating Experiment # 2 -- Watering Methods :

No-Name Double Pink plants on 12/6/2012:
Top Left: Saucer watered *** Top Right: constant-level Texas Style
Bottom Left: felt wick *** Bottom Right: yarn wick

No-Name Double Pink plants on 1/9/2013:
Left Top: saucer watered *** Left Bottom: constant-level Texas Style
Right Top: felt wick *** Right Bottom: yarn wick
The camera angle (taken from front) is misleading: All four plants are very close to the same size. I had started with the two on wicks slightly larger and they now MAY??? be slightly smaller????

I had expected the pot sitting in water 5 or 6 days out of 7 to be too wet and by the 'finger test', it was too wet. I expected it to rot! Yet, it seems to be doing fine. They all have approx the same number of leaves but, if I had to choose, I would say the leaves are larger on the contant-level 'real' Texas Style. ??? !!! :)

There are buds on the two wicked plants, but they were slightly larger at the beginning, so blooming time will not be counted in this experiment.
The goal  of this experiment was to see if any of these methods of watering would make it easier and quicker for me to maintain a larger number of plants through the busy summer months.
I expected the wicked methods to be easiest, and by a very small degree, they are.  However, the constant-level TS has been very easy:  just add water whenever I notice the saucer is empty or nearly so!

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