January 7, 2010

Brown Leghorn -- 1/10

Final Report on Brown Leghorn -- January 2010:
     I sold the first 5 Brown Leghorn as they were rose-comb, and butchered the rose-comb rooster.  I kept 5 of the single comb Brown Leghorn pullets.  They were very strong as chicks, and fit comfortably in the coop with the others.  At one time, I had 98 chicks/chickens in the big coop, and that means everyone must get along!  Even being turned out during the day, too many in the coop is a situation that brings out even tiny tendencies toward aggressiveness!  But the Brown Leghorn pullets 'played well with others'.
     When The Fox came to visit, I lost four of the Brown Leghorns.  The only one remaining was the darkest colored one, as well as the only one with an over-grown comb.  But her attitude, body shape, and laying abilities are okay, so I will put her with my grey rooster, as planned.  (Remember, the original intention of having Brown Leghorn pullets was to see if they produced hens similar to my old brown favorite.)
    They butchered fine, wide and deep, with ample meat at an early age.  They began to lay at 4 months, and have layed very reliably... this one hen has layed 5 eggs in the last 7 days.  She is off the roost and eating early, even in the cold temperatures.
    She is at the far left, in the very front, in the photo included in the Summary of 2009 post.

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