July 31, 2009

Brown Leghorn -- 7/09

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I purchsed 5 single comb Brown Leghorn pullets.
Here are the Brown Leghorn pullets at 7 weeks:

NOTES: I have not noticed any particular trait, good or bad. These chicks are active, smart and compare with the Blue Andalusian of the same age.

My plan for these pullets is a cross with my 'handed-down' greys. I have a wonderful hen, 6 to 8 years old, who is still laying on a regular basis, and has been a very dedicated mother in recent years. In every way, she was/is the perfect hen! She is getting old now, but the photo below shows she is 'carrying her age' well! I am not exactly sure of this hen's 'genetics'... but I think she is a Leghorn/my grey cross, so I will be putting these Brown Leghorn pullets with one of my grey roosters next spring.

Neutral rating so far!!!

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