May 11, 2007

To recap the past 10 months:

Last summer and fall, we began work on our new house ( ) ---and my violets were totally neglected. I literally shut off the lights and never looked at them for over four months. I did save a few of my favorite varieties and several new ones.
In January of 2007, as I moved the plant stands into the new house, the one remaining tray of survivors looked very lonely!
I did some serious thinking and decided to slowly buy or trade leaves... and did allow for some impulse Ebay purchases!
Over the past two months, I have purchsed about 50 leaves, and my friend Loxi lead me through her house, begging me to take leaves off some of our old favorites! Several varieties on my 'most wanted list' came up for auction on Ebay, and I now have plants of Sybil, Apache Sweetheart, Blue Aura and Edna Fischer!
Here are my 'leftovers' from last year... that doesn't sound as complimentary as I would like. These varieties really were tough and strong... and survived alot of abuse!

Now the challenge is to find the place in the new house that is ideal for growing AVs!

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