February 5, 2015

To view ALL POSTS of 'Building Our New House':

Blogger lists the most recent posts at the top of the page.

If you want to view all posts of Building Our New House
from the beginning to the end,

so you get to a list of only the posts about the how the house was built, which begins with a page with this post at the bottom.

 You will have TO READ FROM THE BOTTOM TO TOP and click 'Newer Posts' at the bottom left of the page!  

You will begin with the first post and work forward to the last 'new house' post.

1 comment:

Mrs John said...

Hi Starla and Clayton!
I just tested this link, and it works... SORT OF!!! IT will take you to the first page of posts about the new house... but when I clicked on NEWER POSTS at the bottom, it took me to the NEWEST posts about the house, it skipped two pages of posts in the middle.
Anyway, you can go to OLDER POSTS and back and forth,,, you should be able to see all of them in SOME SORT of ORDER!! :)