January 6, 2013

Update on MILDEW

Update on the mildew problem:
As expected, correcting the cause was the saving of the situation!
But from past experiences, I knew that simply creating a good mildew-free environment wouldn't completely eliminate the problem since the powdery mildew spores were still floating around.
So, I misted the Lysol over most of the growing areas every three days.  I did mist my 'mama' mature and blooming plants once, very lightly, after removing all open blossoms that would have the most probability of having unseen mildew on the backsides. The leaf trays and streps also were misted.

The tray of babies that was so badly infected/affected were left so that I could see what the milk/clove oil/water combo did.  I sure hated to take a chance, but since I have been in an 'experiement' mood this winter (thanks again, Laurie!) I just had to.

Ten days later, and there was no return of mildew.. and yes, I did put on my glasses! In the past, it often returned in five days to one week.  So on the eleventh day, I misted the leaf tray and the Maverick's Faded Jeans plant with the Lysol.

The mildew did leave it's 'mark'... some of the leaves on plants most often touched developed brown marks or brownish tints.  I read somewhere that the mildew actually enters the leaf and feeds on the plant's cells.  Kill the mildew and it will stop doing more damage, but any cell damaged will die or show stress.

Anyway, now that my canary hen hatched several baby chicks, I have to be careful with the Lysol spray... the smell drifted throughout our house since several of my violet stands are in the open living areas.  Cautions include dangers to household pets, including birds.  So, I will continue to mist the sales plants with the Lysol on a schedule, in another room with an exhaust fan going and the door closed.  But my personal plants in our living areas will get the milk treatment.


Laurie in Maine said...

Good news! I bought the store brand not-so-equivalent of Lysol and regret it! Don't think it's the same. Paint brushed a few hold outs with what I thought was my bottle of fungicide. Day or two later I realized it was insecticide. NO I did NOT put on reading glasses. Clearly! No harm but not the help I thought they were getting. Nothing is really coated bad with PM and sometimes it seems like it's just the way the light is hitting them ...but I want it gone. So back to the drawing board! ;)

Mrs John said...

Some of my plants, especially the older mature ones, look a little 'dusty' -- not necessarily dirty and not mildew -- but it seems all the hair on the leaves show up! :) As I rearrange plants on the now-empty shelves, I am going to give them all a real, honest-to-goodness bath, and then mist them with a mixture of seaweed fertilizer and neem oil! Well... may do 1/3 with the seaweed fertilizer (which is supposed to strengthen cell tissue to resist disease), 1/3 with the neem oil, and 1/3 with both mixed!???
So,what was the result of the 'generic' Lysol?

Laurie in Maine said...

My comment doesn't read right! "good news" was in response to your update but rereading - it looks like I might have been talking about the no-name lysol purchase? (It sucks! IMHO!)

Mrs John said...

I knew you meant 'good news' that I had learned something and that my mildew was gone! :)