December 2, 2012

Water --- now it's okay!

It rained this week!  And I filled jugs for houseplant watering... after testing the ph and TDS.  The ph was 7 and the TDS was 67.  I am back in business!  :)

I have been watering my violets with distilled water and no fertilizer.  So far, every plant has been watered twice with distilled water.  I will water one more time and then flush the pots of all my 'mature mamas' and repot all the starters and small babies.  They are ready to be potted up and this will fit in with my 'remedial' soil training!  :)

I had a busy week , with the houseplant class, getting our food co-op delivery, buying and trading goats, getting canaries, displaying my art at the local library, moving cows from summer pasture, having snow storms, selling violets, etc.  etc.  AND I have not yet repotted the 'ph affected' violets.
Their symptoms have not worsened, and they look like they are doing fine, while they wait for me!

This week is somewhat 'less crowded'.... we are taking several work-related road trips, and will be weaning the calves (taking them away from the cows), and will be picking up the artwork, plus hosting the last night of class.

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