December 19, 2012

My new Violet Corner -- unfinished

My new violet corner is not finished... not by a long way, but I just had to take a photo!  :)
I have 178 individual African violet plants, and 18 strep plants.
Approx. 65 are my 'personal collection' plants, with the rest as duplicate plants to either sell or give away.
I have about 1/3 of my plants potted up, and all the extras are potted up into at least 3 inch pots.  If I can finish repotting my personal plants, I will be all ready to begin transplanting babies from mama leaves.
Oh, yeah.... I have 140+ leaves set.  :)
Now to compare my AVs from October to my AVs now.
Below, is a photo of my personal collection of plants... the ones I am keeping for myself, taken in October when they were on two shelves on my bathroom stand.
Two months later, here they are on the stand in my new violet corner:
Here are the extras and for sale ones in the porch:
The streps and a few young av rooted suckers in the bedroom:
Last, the stand in the bathroom has the most recently planted leaves, foliage plants, and etc.:

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