November 8, 2012

Houseplant Class Postponed

The Chinook Adult Ed Houseplant Class has been postponed.  The storm warnings made me nervous and we postponed the first night!!!  :(
The lessons will be online .... shortly after each session, updates will be added to the lessons section of AfricanVioletFun.Com.


Laurie in Maine said...

AWWWE...! Have been checking everyday, eager to see how it went!!
We had our first snow yesterday but it changed over to rain and washed the 4 inches away already.

Going to have to move my plant stand back just off the kitchen - where it will probably be too warm. Temp went down to 63 in the room where they're at because the wood stove keeps the other end of the house warmer.

Mrs John said...

We haven't started our wood stove yet, mostly because I know that it will mean MOVING VIOLETS AROUND! :)
We got snow last night... It was pretty nice all day... all afternoon... and I was just thinking we should have kept the class on schedule. THEN, it began to snow and blow, and I AM GLAD after watching the road reports this morning! :) We have about 6 inches accumulation here.
I have to drive 45 miles one way to the class and that is just too far to drive home in the dark and a storm! :)