November 19, 2012

House Plant Class notes are online

Night One of the House Plant Class went fine... with only two 'students'!  :(  Several others could not attend that night, but are hoping to show up for night two.   Well, it is nearing holiday time... and people are just about 'feed up' with keeping outdoor plants alive  all summer, and are happy to be free of something needing watering!  :)    I UNDERSTAND!  If it wasn't for my addiction to African violets, I would be turning to tatting and crocheting for the winter!  :)
The Adult Ed program director wants to schedule another class in March.
We did have fun at the first night!  With so few of us, we were like a group of friends talking about our favorite plants!  :)  Everyone told some interesting or funny 'houseplant' stories, and we learned all about everyone's windows and favorite plants... problems and worries, too!

Night One Notes are online!

Special thanks to Loxi, for helping with the questions, and telling us how much she likes her cyclamen and how to grow it!  Loxi is my 'violet friend' and we have had much fun over the years swapping violets and tales of  'this one and that one'!

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