November 4, 2012

Elbow Room!

It is amazing what 2 weeks can do.... when the plants have elbow room!  After repotting, and grooming my 'mama' violets, I put all 40 back on the two lighted shelves.  I knew I HAD to put up a third light fixture, but I was busy.....
MILDEW came!  Our Montana nights are becoming cold, and yet the house is warm on the days the sun shines.... SO.... ideal mildew situation:  warm days and cool nights.  There was probably a 15 degree difference. Combine that with the crowded conditions, and I began to see a few spots of mildew on several leaves.
Since I want to have some of these plants for display/demonstration during the upcoming houseplant class, I went to work.  All the plants' leaves got a firm washing under running warm water.  Then trays, shelves and plants were misted, quite heavily, with Lysol disinfecting spray.
Forgot to add that I put up a third light above the original two.
(tFirst photo shows top and middle shelves.  Second photos shows middle and bottom shelves.)

Since this stand is in our master bathroom, I ran the ceiling exhaust for at least 6 hours a day.
It has been 8 days, and no new sign of mildew, but as soon as I take some of the plants to the first houseplant class this week, I will mist everything again with the Lysol spray.  It does have a tendency to spot the blooms, so will wait until after they have had their beauty show.

The philodendron stems in the glass bottle, and the sweet potato sprouting in the blue glass are examples for the class.  On the top shelf, is a tray of sweet potato slips, and a 'Mother of Thousands' kalanchoe.

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