October 23, 2012

Maintenance isn't always pretty!

I just finished repotting every single African violet in the house!  :)  Two weeks ago, I repotted the geraniums, and other outdoor plants that I bring indoors for the winter.  Last week, I began on the violets.
They had been semi-loved all summer.... and only half of my heart just isn't what they wanted.
Don't tell anyone, but violets get jealous!  :)  At least, I have found they sulk when most of my attention is focused on something else! :)
Here are my keepers, the plants I want to keep for myself.  They were drastically groomed, and repotted in fresh soil.

I have agreed to teach a Houseplant class for the district's Adult Ed program, beginning in November. So, the past two weeks have seem me repotting, and rooting cuttings!  I have about 40 medium AVs, 12 medium misc houseplants, 18 smaller houseplant cuttings rooting (top left tray under the dome in the photo below), and about 40 smaller, extra AVs.  Over the three weeks of the class, I should have at least one night where everyone goes home with a free plant!  :)  In the tray, with dome, on top right of the first photo below, I have started AV and strep leaves... by the time we get to the propagation section of the class, they will be reliably rooted, and I will give a leaf to every class member... maybe more than one leaf, depending upon how many people attend.
I don't need much of an excuse to set more leaves, do I????
'THEY ARE FOR SOMEONE ELSE' is the best reason of all!!!!

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