October 23, 2012

Grandmother's Halo (photo)

Just took a photo of Grandmother's Halo... How could a variety get to my 'Top Ten' List and I not have a photo of it????!!!!!!   Just a reminder that we TAKE LOVED ONES FOR GRANTED!!!
This plant is about 5 years old itself... and had been growing in an east window until a few weeks ago.  I trimmed off a row of older leaves and repotted it with fresh mix.  It is now under my lights.. awaiting  the upcoming houseplant class.


Laurie in Maine said...

Finally have 4 leaves popping up on this one...looks like one perfectly formed little plantlet! (I love when all the leaves popping up belong to one or two plants...makes temptation to plant too many a non-issue :)

Mrs John said...

This plant might seem a 'bit boring' to have made my Top Ten... but wait until you see it bloom among the others. It fills a necessary spot, just as a Grandma does, especially one that has a halo! :)