September 24, 2012

Fall 2012 Violet Voice Round Robin

The Violet Voice is half-way through their 2012 Fall Round Robin Boxes.... and here is my 'loot':
The black tray on the right and the 'half-tray' in the middle are the RR leaves and plants.  The tray on the left are leaves I ordered this month from commercial AV vendors.  (OKAY... I know:  I need more leaves like I need a hole in my head!  But since I had the RR leaves to becare for in the isolation area, why not take this chance to get a few other varieties that I had lost or been coveting!)

Total count of leaves set.. is approx. 82!  Gulp!
Please pardon the 'feathers' on the floor and windowsill... the leaves must share the window area with my canaries!

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