August 22, 2012

Now to catch up on AV 'goings-on' for 2012!

Hey, I am now posting about THIS YEAR!!!
I just got back online to The Violet Voice group.... and I simply MUST update my AV posts!  :)
Everyone else is going along at a brisk pace, and I don't want to get left behind ... again!  :)
I sold a few violets this spring to those loyal local customers... and kept 'a lid on' my propagating, so have 'a few extra'.... but am not overwhelmed!  It is such a relief to look at the av shelves without seeing so many things that need repotting or cleaning!  :)  NICE!!!


Laurie in Maine said...

I would very much like a plant or two (or leaves) from Montana to tend on my shelves this fall. Let me know your Paypal? ID, pretty please? :)

I tried a 2 leaf stem graft this morning... maybe I need to add "shalt not torture" to my blog sub title?

Mrs John said...

Oh, surely it isn't torture if it works!??!!! :)
Gee, I forgot my Paypal ID! :)
Violets that go to Maine go with no strings! :)
I am head down/heels up cleaning freezers this morning, then going to pick up a beef... the second we had butchered this summer! I love having a freezer of meat, and I appreciate that we have the beef, BUT, I am struggling to find room to put it safely away!
Maybe you need to visit to Montana for grilled steaks!!??
This evening, when I get home, and things are settled down... I'll send a list of what I have, and you can spend the weekend planning a box from Montana! :)