August 21, 2012

I sold violets on Ebay!

Summer 2011,
I could see that local sales for violets, in a three-county radius  of about 150 miles was very DRY!
So, I assessed my plant stands and decided I had to sell or throw out!
By this time, the unsold plants were well estaablished blooming plants... just the type everyone seems to want from Ebay...
(Myself, I like small ones.. they seem to do better at adapting to my house!)
So, I became Fun and Fancy Flowers on Ebay.
I listed about 20 violets over three weeks, along with about 10 other auctions for leaves and streps.
I sold nearly all... made a small amount, and got rid of the violets.  Again, I had happy customers, who were happy with my packing (which I learned from other vendors who sent my excellently packed orders), and happy with the plants.
I had fun... but spent HOURS weekly/daily in the photo-taking, listing, label and invoice printing, email communciations, packaging/wrapping, driving to town to ship, feedback, etc. 
I figured I made $10 above costs of cups/tape/paper/ink and other costs of shipping plus the basic minimum cost of growing the plant and the pot it was in. 
Let's see... what does that work out  profit per plant?  Let's not look at that!
Here is a photo of an auction plant of my very best strep... probably on my top 10 list of all AVs and gessies!
Falling Stars

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Laurie in Maine said...

An update! What a good influence I am? Maybe we'll both be better bloggers this fall :)