August 21, 2012

2011 Garden Summary

I harvested MANY POUNDS of veggies in 2011... but the flowerbeds were neglected!  And I can't say my veggie garden was neat and perfectly clean! 
I was especially proud, actually crowing, about my peppers.  Growing nice peppers here in Montana is done, but not every year and not by every gardener... things have to work just right all summer long!   And you have to have the right summer weather.   I harvested approx 44 pounds from these 12 plants!
My strawberries did well... this was the first year for them!  Wow, they produced lots of runners for next year!
I put up some temporary wire panel arches/hoops along one side... testing the look and function, as I want to put up permanent wooden arches/trellis later.  I had cucumbers and lima beans planted on the arches and beets in between.
(Overall, I brought many buckets of veggies to the house!  We ate well and I filled many jars of relishes and pickles.)

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