August 21, 2012

2011 African Violet News

I 'may' have found a way to discipline myself...  Fall 2010 to Summer 2011 was a good time for my African violets!
They were fed on time, and watered when they needed it.  I fell behind on the repotting, and again, I potted up too many babies, so had to toss the mis-shapen and ugly starters.
I decided to sell 'a bit' more seriously so began a variety of other houseplants besides the violets.  Here is a favorite of mine... Babies Tears (Helxine)... isn't it cute?
Below is a photo of the window near our dining room table...  a very nice south window, and I found the streps love it here, especially during the winter time! 
I also found another window where the streps did well, and did they DO!  These are the 20 or so medium sized ones, which I sold as soon as they had more than one stalk blooming.  This window was great for this final stage, and I grew the younger plants on the plant shelves under lights.
Here is my 'main' plant stand, which had the for sale starters, the growing-on babies and my personal plants I was trialing.  I grew the leaf trays and the just transplanted babies on another identical plant stand in our bathroom.
So, I began to sell in earnest... putting up posters, handing out cards, advertising in local papers, etc.
Not much luck.... noone was interested in houseplants!  A few past customers bought boxes full of violets... and were very happy!  I got rid of plants, made a few meager dollars, and made AV fanatics happy.. which made me happy.

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