August 21, 2012

2010 African Violet Summary

2010 was an average African violet year for me:
I began 'hot and heavy' with tons of enthusiasm... and by June, I was overwhelmed with TOO MANY, again!
I gave many away, and cut back, NOT ONLY BY LETTING THEM DIE FROM NEGLECT!!!
I exercised some will power and threw out varieties that I dislike  (I don't actually HATE any African violet!) as well as duplicates that were not needed for gifting or my own collection.
I ended 2011 with many leaf pots to pot up, babies to pamper all winter, and nice, if not perfect, mama plants.
I did order a few leaves/starters, and this one became a favorite, even though it was mislabeled.  I haven't yet proven which variety it is, but it is nice!

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