October 20, 2011

I finally ran out of JARS!!!

Everyone has been giving me empty canning jars... and as my garden grew this summer, I dreamed big and 'scrounged' even more jars!  Mom bought several cases of NEW ones because she 'didn't want me to run out'!  Well, I finally came to the end!
The end of the empty jars....
The end of the garden produce....
The end of my ENERGY!!!!  :)
Final Count:  (also including frozen cartons and bags) 389 jars (most pints and quarts, a few 1/2 pints)

I was busy all summer, watering and pulling weeds.... so didn't post any photos of the veggies...
I will add an update of the yard work this winter, before seed-starting time for 2012, I PROMISE!!

February 5, 2011

Heifer For Sale

Attached find photos of the heifer that is for sale....
1st photo is of the heifer with our replacement Black Angus heifers.
2nd photo is her, on left, with the other two Jersey heifers born in 2010.
Third photo is of her dam:   1/2 Black Angus, 1/2 Jersey (photo taken 4 years ago, guess I don't have a more recent one!)
Fourth photo is of the bull: taken the day he was delivered -- 4/2009 approx. one year old
We have been very happy with the bull.... I know people say dairy bulls are horrible to keep... but I have had three different ones to date, and if they are handled right..... not made pets of, or 'teased'.....   I have had no problems.  I just run them with my cows, and they end up around the barn at least twice a day when it is milking time, plus off and on throughout the day.  :)

A photo 'line-up' of the calves this fall

Just a group photo of us all, taken in November.
The heifer for sale is on the far left.
(The one to the far right, with the 'spots', is a steer.  I am keeping the two in the middle.)
Her half sister is the black with the horn behind the fence,
and her mother is the other black.  (The bull's face is just at the edge of the photo.)
This doesn't give any type of view of the two blacks at all, but maybe an idea of size? 
Sorry, I don't have anything clearer!