September 15, 2010

Catching up with other work besides 'chickens'!

My 'extra' chickens are all sold, and most of the fall work with the chickens will be the fun process of selecting which ones to keep!  :)
So, it is on to other work!
I didn't do much, if anything, with the yard and garden this summer.  It 'feels' like fall, with cooler temps and rainy, wet weather.  I am clearing weeds, pulling and digging grass, spreading manure and mulch, and generally 'catching up'.  I won't be able to go back and redo the summer in the yard, but I can make sure I am ready to go ahead in the spring!!!
I have taken time to try a few new recipes, start violet leaves, root other houseplants, and read a book or two!!
Computer time is also easier to find... so am back to my 'online' fun, such as The Violet Voice group, and working on the group's webpage, this journal and the website!!!
Oh, and my camera is working again!  Expect new photos soon!