October 8, 2009

My son and the goats

I just found these two photos... and it made me smile, so I decided to share!
Here is a photo of my son and our first two goats, at least 7 to 8 years ago: (Grant and Jelly and Jam)The goats had dog packs, and he had planned on taking them for an 'explore', with snacks and other things a boy thinks is necessary for an expedition. The goats were 'supposed' to carry the supplies, but they refused to move until all the extra weight was removed from the packs! Grant and I ended up packing everything back to the house!
Here is a photo of my son and our goats, taken just a few days ago... that is Jelly on the right. She is older, but still the same stubborn goat!
Hard to believe Grant is 18 now!

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