July 26, 2009

Silver Phoenix -- 7/09

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I ordered 5 Golden Phoenix pullet chicks in May. Out of the five, I have two that appear to be Golden Phoenix, and two that may be Silver Phoenix.
Here is the Silver Phoenix pair at 8 weeks:

The little Silver Phoenix pullet is darling! What a calm, sweet disposition!

NOTES: I have noticed their feathering may not be as 'close' or as many as my 'handed-down' greys, or the Austra White chicks of similar age. The Phoenix may not be as 'personal'... where the chick comes to meet me and see if I have some treat, or looks up when I talk. (Not sure what term to use for this... guess personal will have to do!) The Phoenix are gentle, not easily spooked, and are very active and never have flown out of the pen, are always in the coop at night, and have grown at an even, and steady pace.
Postive rating so far!!!!

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