July 31, 2009

'My Greys' -- 7/09

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In the photo of the Black Australorp chicks, in the July post of the Black Australorp, were also two of 'my greys'... my 'handed-down' greys from my mom and grandmother. These two chicks hatched apprx. 5 days later than the Black Australorp chicks from the hatchery.
Here are the oldest 'handed-down' greys at 11 weeks:
My Grey pullet:
My Grey cockerel (oldest):
a different photo of the same cockerel:
NOTES: As in years' past... these 'handed-down' greys are very gentle, very clean, get along well with others, and seem to be growing at an even pace. They did not get quite as heavy as the Black Australop pullets of similar age.
These will be an ongoing comparison with the other breeds for the next six months to see how soon they begin laying, how they lay during the winter, etc.
Positive rating so far!!!

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