May 5, 2009

Now on to larger 'babies'!!!

We have baby goslings too, but I don't have photos of them yet.... There are still 3 geese hens setting on nests, so if they hatch soon, I will take photos of all the goslings!!!
My camera has been 'misbehaving', so this is the only photo I have of the goat kids.
Yes, they like to get in the hay feeder... my hubby is very patient and forgiving!!!! :)
Here is what John enjoys:
Quite often, a cow's calf will inherit her 'markings', her appearance.
These are two of my husband's favorites:
You may notice the cattle have white faces. These are called 'Black Baldies' and are the result of crossing Black Angus cows with a Hereford bull. We don't have too many of these 'baldies' left and now use all Black Angus bulls. But they do have interesting and amusing markings!!!

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