May 27, 2009

May Snowstorm!!!

We had a snow storm on May 12th!!!
The temps didn't get terribly low, and there was enough snow to create a layer of insulation.
Some of the plants did lose a few outer leaves but no serious damage.

THEN, a week later, we had a night with more severe frost temps!!!
Some of the roses lost the majority of their leaves, and look a bit bedraggled now.
We have had a cold spring, and it is time to begin summer!!!!

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Laurie in Maine said...

Uncontrolled gasp of "UGH!" escaped as this page opened!!! omg...SNOW?

Feel you pain as I planted tomatoes & peppers on labor day weekend as usual...heavy frost killed everything by Tuesday Morning. Forgot to cover up until 9:30 pm and said "it'll be okay". Not. Starting over today...
Peas, beets & spinach okay for now - woodchuck was eyeballing them already

Came to the web to see if Ramblin Sunshine was supposed to be variegated as my new starter plant arrived without sign of it. Thought my light stand was messing things up but a quick search online tells me it is variegated & a trailer. It was a gift when I bought 5. Need to check back with the project pages to see if I've missed signing on. Not expecting show stoppers but they are still all alive after several weeks of "laurie care" :)
Some are even starting to bud!

thanks for stopping by my blog from time to time. (& birthday wishes :)
enjoy your notes and reminded my lazy self to do same once in a while. Off to VV from your link here...