April 7, 2009

Summary of Jan and Feb 2009:

Yes, I am behind on 'blogging' entries! I have such good intentions.... but as the old saying says: the road to h--- is paved with good intentions. Good Intentions aren't worth much!
Here is a brief summary of January and February 2009:
January and February were snowy and cold... we actually got a winter that is more like the 'typical' Montana winter. I watched my yard from indoors... read landscaping books and doddled many, many diagrams .... filling several notebooks!!!

Here is a view from my dining room window.... looking out over the snow-covered patio. The petunia bloomed like this, or more, since I potted it up as a young self-sown plant last November. It has been so satisfying to have a bright burst of color in the window... and you can see it very well from outside as well!!! :)

I had neglected my African violets and other houseplants last summer, so they are looking nicer and more 'loved'. Here is a pink streptocarpus.... I purchased it at a greenhouse last spring... I think they were selling it as an outdoor bedding plant!

We also had our annual Cake Day.... my sister in laws, my mother and I have a day every winter when we decorate cakes together! We live about an hour and a half drive apart... and so we pick a time in the winter when 'things' are slower to have a full day of FUN!
My cake is the tiered cake on the right... using a plate and cup and saucer set from my great grandmother's dishes

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