September 5, 2008

Still rambling on about roses....

One more rose: This is Quadra... spending this first year building a root system, but I have pretty high expectations for this plant next year!

Finally!!! My only tea rose, Love, finally produced a typical bud/blossom! I couldn't fault this plant's blooming ability... it produced blossoms all summer... but I think the heat was to blame for the 'non-typical' coloring and shape! With the cooler weather we are having, this blossom performed more favorably.

And one more photo of Hope for Humanity! This rose has out performed nearly every other plant in my yard!!! I have fallen in love! :)

The above photo was taken 8/29.
I want to put my photos of this rose together, so you can see how wonderful it was!
Here it is on 7/20:

When these first blossoms faded, the plant seemed to grow literally overnight!
Here is a photo on 8/3:

And again this photo, taken 8/29:

I am a HUGE FAN of Canadian roses.... for a brief history of their breeding programs, read this interesting article on the Canadian Rose Society web site.

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