August 20, 2008

More Roses...

I've been busy.... it has been hot here in Montana... and everything needs watering every other day. I have only so much water/water pressure... since we pump from the Milk River... and it is some distance from the pump. So, it takes some 'creative' planning to get the one sprinkler back to whatever plants need it.. when they need it! :)
I've decided mowing grass is fun... especially when you've been without! :)
Here is a recent photo, from August 7th:

And another view... looking back toward the house:
(yes, I need to finish the sidwalk!)

More roses:
Morden Sunrise

This next rose is one of my all time favorites:
Mary Rose ... it blooms well, is very fragrant... tolerates many different situations... and will usually survive our winters with minimal protection (grandly comes through with proper protection)

This is Petal Pushers:

Oh, and I have hauled in more manure and goat pen bedding!!!!!

My mom is coming in a day or two to look at my yard.... and I have been frantically pulling/mowing weeds, and trimming, digging... and rushing around. Other things have been happening... like a fox and an owl stealing my chickens (LOTS!!), and the usual rush of summer work! I haven't done any housework for nearly a month, so if Mom will be coming in the house when she visits, I had best do some major cleaning too! :)

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