July 31, 2008

Hot Summer... but some plants are blooming!

The good news: I have been MOWING LAWN!
The bad news: until this past week, I wasn't cutting grass, only weeds.
But this last time I mowed, the grass was tall enough that I actually cut the grass itself... and when I was done, you could see big patches of grass!
It actually looks like a lawn now! :)
And there may be a lot of weeds, but no perennial weeds, and even in the thinnest patches, there are grass plants every 6 inches or less! So, I feel that next spring will see enough grass to compete with any annual weeds that may sprout! YIPPEE!!!
The patio area on July 18, looking from the front door at the same angle as the 'raining photo':

and a few days later on July 24, looking in the opposite direction, back toward the front door:

Here is a Hope For Humanity rose... which came so very small and weak looking, starting off so very slowly.... and I haven't mulched it yet...... AND it still is blooming it's head off. The color in this photo is a bit 'neon' looking, but the red color is very eye catching, and nearly this color.

Another Canadian bred rose: Morden Snow Beauty. This one is a low growing, groundcover type of rose, but it is so very fragrant, and this first-year plant was just covered with blossoms!

We have had excellent luck with Canadian bred roses wintering over here in Montana... even though we still cover/protect them each fall.
Just had to post a few photos.... I have flowers and grass! :)

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