April 20, 2008

Patio is taking shape!

The total number of tractor-bucket loads of dirt and manure is now to 78! but I think I am nearly completed with three sides of the house. I actually 'heeled in' some perennials that my mother in law sent home with me.... and 99% of the patio and step is done.

I still have work on the sidewalk, edging between the gravel driveway and the lawn area, the beds around the patio and the foundation planting areas, etc.

Here is a photo of the 'patio'.... it is not completed yet, but I had to put out my table and chairs! :)

I have laid and then redone half of the walk to the driveway! I can't seem to keep it straight, and I am using lines, and squares!
I finally realized that the 'square' pavers I had bought at 'the cheapest place' were not exactly square! So now if one doesn't butt exactly up against the first, I just rotate it until it fits better.
Not exactly correct, but it will have to do, for this 'do it yourself' project!

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