October 14, 2007

Progress Report on the African violet jar:

In May, I planted a small clay 'strawberry jar' with extra plantlets of Darling BlueTrail.
Well, I must admit to having a terrible time keeping it watered!
At first, it was just like any other potted AV. But sometime in July, I began to notice it needed water every day... of course, it didn't get water every day!
I finally decided to really soak it, pot and soil, then fill the little saucer with water.
That worked fairly well... and by the middle of September, I began to see a bloom or two.
My other 'regularly-potted' Darling Blue Trail plants seem to love to bloom, so I am hoping with cooler house temperatures this fall... and maybe a larger saucer, these plants will soon begin to bloom more.

But this experience has been fun, and if I can find the way to care for it, I will do this again!


Sara said...

Hi Mrs. J!

This is a fantastic idea for trailers. In fact, it's one I might steal once I get a good group of one together.

You've probably found this tip somewhere, but one "trick" for watering plants in a strawberry pot is to plant a length of PVC pipe that has holes drilled in it into the center of the pot, all the way to the bottom. This lets the water get down to the lower plants more readily.

Thanks for the idea!

laurie in maine said...

I've started reading the AV book for the lesson plan (1963 though) and skimming through 1st spotted the strawberry jar on page 28 and thought "really want to try that for the heck of it"
And here you've done it! :)
How's it doing now?
I've set up a light shelf and repotted my 4 remaining plants. Started 9 leaves and a baby. If they thrive my spring reward to myself will be a couple more.

No slippery slope here?!!