July 28, 2007

Still working on the outside...

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The inside decorating details have been put on hold until the winter brings a little break in the barn chores.... but we are still working at the outside grading and finishing.

John showed me how to put the tractor into forward and reverse gears... how to raise and lower the bucket... and turned me loose around our new house! Yikes!!

I hauled 32 bucketloads of dirt around our house.. into certain areas on the south and west sides. I decided to concentrate on two sides of the house this summer, and will work on the other two next summer.

I don't need any more dirt, but I do need another back and set of hands! It is all 'hand' work from now on!

But I am ready to begin on the step, patio, and walk to the driveway!!!! Yippee!!

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