January 22, 2007

Still Moving In

YES, I know it has been over a month since I updated this site!
We actually moved the beds and slept in the new house for the first time on December 15th. But soon I got the dining table moved over and we slept and ate in the new house for a week before the stove and fridge were moved.
THEN: with no phone to the new house, the computer stayed in the old house, plus the tv~! So, my menfolk wanted to spend their evenings there! But now we have nearly all those 'important' things in the new house! :)
Here are a few photos... nothing fancy, and please remember I am taking the 'decorating' part slowly! I want to live in the house a bit before I start painting, putting up moulding, etc! (Honestly, our finances are also a factor. Some of my ideas will just have to wait until there is money in my pocketbook!)
Here is a photo of the dining area, looking from the kitchen sink:
(sorry about the pile of seed catalogs... it is that time of year!)

Below is a photo from the opposite direction, facing the kitchen sink:
(we had apple fritters, so you can see the maple syrup bottle on the table!)

This photo was taken in the same place as the one above. I simply turned to the right. The blue blanket on the floor is the dog's bed, and you can see it in the top photo of the dining table, and in this photo of the living room.

The photos seem so small! But I don't have time to resize them today! I will add different ones as more changes happen.
>>>There are several more rooms through the arch on the left... photos of them soon. And I am sure the furniture will be rearranged many times over the next year! :) I lived in the old house 19 years, and it changed at least nine or ten times!!!! Hee, hee!
We are still having some 'problems':
The roof is still losing shingles.... and it seems the 'titling' and 'taxing' process is going to be a long one! Bills for the construction work are still coming in.
And at one time we had TWO insurance policies on the house... not yet sure ONE of them is in force!!!!!
But, I did get some curtains up last night... and it isn't very far to the old house if we need something that isn't in this one!
More photos soon, I hope!

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