November 8, 2006

Ready for the house!

We are waiting for the house to arrive!
The foundation and fill are ready for the house sections.
The past two days have been VERY busy... with almost 160 loads of dirt hauled in around the foundation!
The original company hired to do the fill work was unable to begin work until the end of the week...and the house was due to arrive today, Wednesday! So we hired a different company to begin hauling and grading the dirt because they could begin earlier.... and they did really work to have it all done by today.

We built a MOUNTAIN!

It REALLY looked like a mountain!

(old house on the right, new house out of sight on the left)

The crew worked frantically.... then we got a call from the truckers hauling the house sections!
The high winds had stopped them several times since they left the factory ... and they would arrive later than planned!
SO, today was actually spent in RESTING, and getting nervous!
If all goes as planned, the new house will arrive tomorrow!

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