November 10, 2006

The House Arrived...

Well, most of it!!!!
The three main sections arrived yesterday, with the two small 'tags' to arrive when the set up crew is ready to add them to the front side.
I have always enjoyed seeing house 'pieces' on wheels moving down the highway,
so we drove several towns ahead, just to watch our house arrive! This photo was taken just outside Havre, about 70 miles from it's final destination.

Coming down the Savoy road.... on a country gravel road now! They drove much slower!

It's here!
Deciding where to park:

In order above:
First, is the middle section, with the roof peak 'folded' down.
Next, is the south or front section, with the north or back section last in line.
The truckers pulled one section up to the foundation before they unhooked and left.
The setup crew should arrive today to begin the process of rolling each section across the foundation into position.

And NO, I haven't walked around inside, YET!!!!
The house guys said to go in anywhere I wanted... and I did put a pair of scissors and a roll of tape in my pocket... but I just peeked in the windows last night.
BUT, if the set up crew doesn't get here by noon today, I will HAVE to get a closer look at the kitchen, etc!
Hee, hee!

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