November 21, 2006

Have you ever looked at SHOES???

This photo got me to looking closer at the set up crew's shoes!
And, no, he isn't standing on the window grid!
Hee, hee!

Some shoes were 'experienced'!

Some had a bit of attitude!

All of them have lots of mileage, on this job alone!

This was lots of fun!

Can you match up each crew member with his shoes?
(hint: look at the group photo)
So, what type of shoes do YOU wear?
Me? Sometimes I wear manure-splattered tennis shoes and sometimes I wear cowboy boots!
P.S. Still no septic or cistern crew!!! ??? Hummm!

1 comment:

laurie in maine said...

My guess is the owner of Shoes With Attitude also make bunny ears for unsuspecting crew member beside him?

I thought the Window Walker on a ladder would be the younger one but the jeans are too new :) Must be the one with the bigger belly...looks like lunch time in Montana is a good time to stop by!