November 19, 2006

Days SEVEN and EIGHT of the house setup:

The crew spent Days Seven and Eight working on the roof and siding... and setting down the two small tags.
They alternated between climbing UP to the roof
or DOWN into the crawlspace!

Lots of shingles:

Below, one small section is set down(middle). The outer section(left) is ready to be set.
The three longer sections are to the right.

I am waiting for the garbage truck to get full, but they keep throwing things in!

The last section is moving into position!!!!!

Since the first day, there has been LOTS of work done under the house sections, but it is hard to get photos of this area!
Here, I am laying on the floor inside the small section already set down ... looking under the floor of the outside section.
Jacks are used to raise the section off the roller and beam upon which the piece moved onto the foundation. The house will rest on the bean you can see in the middle of the photo.

At the top left of the photo below, is the beam that the section rolled on.
After the section is against the previous piece, a support is added under the frame.
The roller and beam will be removed, and the house lowered into proper place.

At the end of Day Eight, all five sections are set down!!!!

Lots of work planned for tomorrow!
.... And a bit of fun!

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