November 17, 2006

Days FIVE and SIX of the house setup:

Sorry, I missed posting yesterday! I will try to catch up.
The house is taking shape!
Day Five was spent putting up siding and trying to keep the roof coverings in place!
(Actually, the crew would have preferred to get right to work on the shingles... but are waiting for the materials coming inside the smaller house sections!)

Here, siding is installed on the house ends.

more siding work...

The two sections arrived on Day SIX!
The crew worked to get everything ready to move the two small sections onto the foundation. All the timbers, beams, blocks, pallets, and tools had to be moved from one side of the foundation to the opposite side.
It was a bit cool this morning.... notice the foreman's breath!

Here the sections, are going through Havre!

We were on business in town, and made a point of watching for the trucks! I was driving in the opposite lane, but had to take a few photos!

I arrived home just before dark, and it was so exciting to see one tag was already in place above the foundation!

The heating guys came at dark, and worked in the cold and dark to get the furnace hooked up.
The set up boss wanted the furnace on this weekend to warm up the house for the inside prep crew.

So, next week, serious work will begin on the inside!
Soon, I will take you all on a tour of the interior!

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