November 28, 2006

Day Two of the Inside Work:

Lots of work... with something being done in every room of the house! The husband-wife-daughter team seem to have their individual tasks under control!
Below, each area of work is carefully taped off, many also with plastic.

Spackling is applied.

As the cracks fill up, it begins to look more like a 'real house'.
Here, the 'marriage line' will soon be concealed.

Outside, the wind rages... combining with low temps to create HORRIBLE WINDCHILL TEMPS!!! This morning, my brother's weather station listed a windchill of -64 degrees F.
Burr! John and Grant are thawing out cattle waterers....
and would love to trade jobs with the perfa-tapers!
AND---- I think the septic system guy is avoiding my phone calls!
If he had came as planned last week, he would have avoided working in these cold temps.
Today is the day for another phone call to him!
Postscript: Yes, I am being 'stingy' with photos of the interior! Hee, hee!
If you look carefully at the photos over the next several days, you may catch a few glimpses of how the inside looks.......

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