November 13, 2006

Day TWO of the house setup:

Section Two is raised to a level above the foudnation.
This photo shows the wheels and axles along the house frame...
here they are shown dropped.

From now on the sections will be placed up against each other, so all the plastic protecting the interior of the house must be removed! It was quite a task... taking an unbelievably long time!

The center section is now moved across the foundation... and even more plastic is removed!

The crew spent half their time reaching up as high as they could
and the rest of the time with their head hanging over the edge of the roof!

A view under the sections:
The braces, winches, jacks and blocking will be used to level the sections...
From now on, there will be many adjustments: one side up, one side down... one end higher, and one corner lower... etc.

My mom, brother and sisterinlaw came down to watch for a few hours.
I cooked a turkey and we had a simple picnic outside, watching the house pieces go together.
Plus, the local coop brought the propane tank and put in a line to the house... so things are coming along!
About midday, John moved the third section into place.

The crew jacked up the last section... BUT the wind came up... VERY STRONG!
And believe it or not, the crew left!
I guess the house was safer jacked up high ALONGSIDE the foundation
than up on rollers NOT tied down...?
Tomorrow should be even more fun!

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laurie in maine said...

Yay! It's (almost) a house :) How nice for it to arrive before winter hits. I actually thought you might have gotten snow from some of the weather reports and wondered how your road would hold up.

No snow here yet...houses that go by here may very well be of the ARK variety it the rain keeps up! ;)