November 14, 2006

Day THREE of the house setup:

Section Three was moved into place today.
Other work intruded on my duty to 'watch', but I did take a few photos. :)
Here, the third section is halfway onto the foundation.

Even MORE PLASTIC to remove:
(And the wind rages on!)

The most exciting part was work began inside!
Here, a temporary bracing wall is removed!

All three long sections are together! It begins to look like a house!

The final two small sections are due to arrive Thursday... if the high winds die down! Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana have had rain, snow, and wind for the past week... I hope it is time to have a bit more nice weather before winter really sets in to stay!
The weatherman says the sun is coming again... if we, and the crew, can hold out for another day or two!

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