November 20, 2006

Day NINE of the house setup:

Still more roofing and siding work on Day NINE!

We almost have electricity!

Yes, there was a problem... and we could have heped make it a small one!
I was cooking this morning... and John came in saying the septic line looked different than we had talked about...???
I THOUGHT he meant 'different than the contractor's original ideas', and I said it was okay.
BUT what it really meant was the crew spent all day setting up the sewer lines to exit the house on the south instead of the north!
Near the end of the day, John spoke up again.. and this time we all listened to him, finally. The permit stated the septic was to be north, so it will have to be redone.
John made a flying trip to town to get more materials before the plumbing shop closed at 3:00.
Below, a lot of rethinking:

Maybe, just a bit maybe, the crew won't think too harshly of me...
for missing that 'big' detail! I hope not!
I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for the crew, as my way of saying 'THANKS'...
and there was one more fun meal on the picnic table!
(I am very thankful for all the nice weather we have had... allowing the many fun picnics outside watching the house!)


The house is coming along! But we are still waiting for some things.
The septic guy didn't show up yesterday.... and everytime I called his shop to see where he was, I got only the answering machine. I thought we had scheduled him to come today!
He couldn't come earlier, as the cistern access box was in the area the set up crew needed to set on the two little tag pieces.
We will see what happens tomorrow!

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