November 15, 2006

Day FOUR of the house setup:

Today, the crew made the roof a priority. With all the high wind warnings for this area, it seemed to be a wise decision.

No, I am still not going to show any photos of the inside yet....
well, just this one!
I thought you might find it interesting.
A 'marriage line' is where two sections come together.
As there are three sections to this 'triple-wide', there are two marriage lines.
When the two little sections become part of the house, there will be four marriage lines.

The two 'tags' are due to arrive tomorrow... wind permitting.
*** I have been very happy with the set up crew!
When they arrived, the boss said: "We try to set your home up in the way that we would want our home." And I will say they seem to be trying their best to do exactly that!
It is so nice to finally relax and let someone else take care of the worrying!

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laurie in maine said...


No seriously: your new house has lines pre-drawn and for all time designating which rooms John will be allowed in?

(My next house!)