October 3, 2006

Work Has Begun!

Work has begun, for serious, I hope!
It is Tuesday, and this is the SECOND day in a row the contractor has been at work on our house foundation!
So far, it is only one guy, but he is figuring out the elevations of the footings, the final grade of the top of the foundation, etc.
Tomorrow, he is expecting three loads of gravel... and then his crew will come to 'shovel around' the gravel!

Hopefully, more photos to come!
Yippee! YES, I will be sitting in my lawn chair, sipping a latte, and watching the action!
Yesterday, the county road crew hauled in gravel, widened, and regraded the approach into our road from the main county road... so the way is clear for the house trucks!

Yes, I think things are moving a bit faster now!

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